Monday, October 28, 2013

Dunja Evers - 5 @ Semina Rerum, Zürich. 26.10.2013

The gallery, Semina Rerum (seeds of things) is on on the first floor of what would appear at first glance to be a private residence, close to the Kunsthaus. With the minimum of signage, this is not a space you would stumble upon and it cerainly isn't screaming for you to enter. 

That being said, once inside, the space feels warm, intimate and surprisingly inviting. Dunja Evers' work, for her show titled: 5, sat particularly well in the space on this bright Autumn afternoon. I couldn't read the press release in German, but the pieces struck me as a seamless marriage between painting and photography and the results were especially effecting.

Semina Rerum. Dunja Evers.

Semina Rerum. Dunja Evers.

Semina Rerum. Dunja Evers.
More info:
Semina Rerum
Dunja Evers

Rotwand Gallery. You Always Return To The Water. Zürich 26.10.2013

Caught the opening to a couple of good shows in Zürich yesterday.
The first was a group show at the Rotwand Gallery titled: You Always Return To The Water.

Rotwand Gallery. Tajana Gerhard.
Press Release:

The group exhibition You Always Return To The Water brings together selected works, which stem from early periods in the careers of the gallery’s artists. Through the exhibition we would like to offer a somewhat different and sometimes even surprising look at the oeuvre of each artist. Included are works by Anetta Mona Chisa & Lucia Tkacova, Klodin Erb, Tatjana Gerhard, William Hunt, Constantin Luser, Klaus Lutz, Luc Mattenberger, Guillaume Pilet, and Filib Schürmann.

Is time truly linear? Or is it instead constituted by the parallel existence of multiples temporalities? Is the past not always inherent to the present and the future rooted in the here and now? What conclusions can be drawn about a current reality by looking at its beginnings, and to what extent is it possible to identify today the initial threads of tomorrow’s developments?
In parallel to these early works we will present the most recent works by a number of artists in the office and salon. (Text Laura Falletta).

27 October 2013 – 21 December 2013

Rotwand Gallery. Filib Schuermann.

Rotwand Gallery. William Hunt (photo).

Rotwand Gallery. Anetta Mona Chisa & Lucia Tkacova (Textile). Luc Mattenberger (Sculpture).
Rotwand Gallery

Monday, October 21, 2013

I stand corrected.

OK, so since my last post I found a site: THE ZURICH GALLERIES.

Haven't had a chance to check it out properly yet, but it looks good and just what I'm after.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Lapuneet: Proposon @ Kunst Raum R57

Considering the wealth of galleries and the level of interest in art I'm surprised I haven't found a comprehensive database of galleries/openings/artists in Zürich similar to other cities I've lived in, such as San Francisco, New Orleans, Berlin and Auckland. 
Swiss Art is the closest I've found, but it is not a patch on something like Auckland's Arts Diary. Maybe there is the perfect site, but being a uni-lingual idiot, I'm just not aware of it, yet.

That being said, an ad preceding Sunday's showing of Francis Ha at the Kino Riff Raff led me to Kunst Raum R57 and the opening for Proposon by Lapuneet (or maybe Anna Wiget?). The space was intimate without feeling restrictive and filled with some very interesting work. I particularly liked a suite of 12 mixed media works on paper, collectively titled: The naked & the Crow.

Lapuneet. o T. R57

Lapuneet. The Naked and the Crow. R57

Lapuneet. The Toad and the Code. R57
More info:

Kunsthaus Zürich

Oscar and I took advantage of "Free Wednesdays" and checked out the permanent collection of Kunsthaus Zürich. I think it will become and a regular haunt for us.

Kunsthaus Zürich. Giacometti

Kunsthaus Zürich. Giacometti

Kunsthaus Zürich. Kiefer and Baselitz

Kunsthaus Zürich. Kiefer

Kunsthaus Zürich. Twombly
Kunsthaus Zürich.Bacon
 Kunsthaus Zürich

Monday, October 14, 2013

Art International Zurich

I've been in Zurich about 2 weeks and still haven't had a chance to make it to any galleries. I did manage to catch the last day of the International Art Fair. -

Zurich Art Fair. Immaginaria Gallery - Firenze

Zurich Art Fair. Peter Kohl. Steiner Gallery - Vienna

 Zurich Art Fair. Montsequi Gallery - Madrid

Zurich Art Fair. David Mach. Geist Gallery - London

Zurich Art Fair. David Mach (detail). Geist Gallery - London

Zurich Art Fair. David Mach. Geist Gallery - London

Zurich Art Fair. David Mach (detail). Geist Gallery - London

Zurich Art Fair. Isso Oka. Systema Gallery - Japan

Zurich Art Fair. Joel Moens de Hase. Mad Art - Belgium

Zurich Art Fair. Alexander Timof

 Zurich Art Fair. Donna Ong (detail). Primae Noctis Gallery. Lugano

Zurich Art Fair. Haris Purnomo