Saturday, November 16, 2013

La Tempesta - The Trace Gallery, Zürich 14.11.2013

La Tempesta is the title for the 2-person show currently at The Trace Gallery on Militärstrasse.
It pairs the discordant styles of Riccardo Guasco and Gloria Pizzilli (hence the title) and runs until Dec, 24th.
La Tempesta - The Trace Gallery

Gloria Pizzilli. Trace Gallery

Riccardo Guasco. Trace Gallery

Riccardo Guasco. Trace Gallery

Riccardo Guasco. Trace Gallery

Gloria Pizzilli. Trace Gallery

 Gloria Pizzilli. Trace Gallery
From the Press release: The storm is interpreted like the encounter of warm currents and cold air streams, which generates instability, cumulonimbi, downpours, lightning and thunders.

The storm, title of the exhibition, is the resultant of two different styles, that blend together generating an encounter/collision which fill the atmosphere with winds, positive and negative charges.

The moments before a squall, when the air is charged of electricity, when people start speeding up the pace, opening umbrellas and walking with the head pointed towards something enormous.

Riccardo Guasco

Gloria Pizzilli
Riccardo Guasco
Riccardo Guasco

Monday, November 4, 2013

SCOPE Miami.

Thanks solely to the hard work, patience and support of Coup d'oeil (New Orleans), my work will be seen at SCOPE Miami this year. Booth C25, December 3rd- 8th. 

Artists featured: James Taylor Bonds, Eliot Brown, Blaine Capone, Chris Dennis, Sarah Ferguson, Jessica Goldfinch, Dona Lief, Michele Basta-Smith.

Coup d'oeil at SCOPE Miami Beach 2013.

Coup d'oeil

Kunst 13 Zürich.

Today was the final day of the Kunst 13 art fair in Zürich. It was good to see it largely dominated by painting, but I think I already may be reaching my saturation point for depictions (no matter how various) of mountains.

Kunst 13 Zürich.

Kunst 13 Zürich. Willi Siber. Galerie von Braunbehrens

Kunst 13 Zürich. Nadin Maria Rufenacht. Galerie Beatrice Brunner
Kunst 13 Zürich. Hilfiker Kunstprojekte

Kunst 13 Zürich. Sam Scherrer Contemporary

Kunst 13 Zürich. Josef Bolf. Arthobler Gallery

Kunst 13 Zürich. Conrad Jon Godly. Tony Weuthrich Galerie

Kunst 13 Zürich. Galerie Sylva Denzler

Kunst 13 Zürich. Admir Jahic and Comenius Roethlisberger. Idea Fixa

Kunst 13 Zürich. Ester Vonplon. Walter Keller Gallery

Kunst 13 Zürich. Jani Leinonen. Galerie Gmurzynska

Kunst 13 Zürich. Tsuki Garbian. Rothschild Fine Art

Kunst 13 Zürich.
Kunst 13 Zürich.  Andrea Damp. Galerie Barbara von Stechow

Kunst 13 Zürich. Samuel Salcedo. Galerie Robert Drees

Kunst 13 Zürich. Walter Stohrer. Galerie Georg Nothelfer.

Kunst 13 Zürich.

Kunst 13 Zürich.

Kunst 13 Zürich.
Kunst 13 Zürich. Claudia Rogge. Galerie von Braunbehrens.

Kunst 13 Zürich.

Kunst 13 Zürich.

Kunst 13 Zürich.  Laleh June Galerie

Kunst 13 Zürich. Galerie Gmurzynska

Kunst 13 Zürich. Galerie Sylva Denzler

Kunst 13 Zürich. Dirk Lange. Galerie Haas Zurich

Apologies for any missed or inaccurate credits - please message me for corrections. The complete set of unedited 'snapshots' (at best) can be found here: Flickr

Participating Galleries A - Z:
Albrecht, Berlin,
Am Lindenplatz,
Art Forum Ute Barth, Zurich,
ArteF Kunstfotografie, Zurich,
Arte Giani, Frankfurt,
Arthea - Gallery Am Rosengarten, Mannheim,
Arthobler Gallery, Zurich,
Art Station Isabella Lanz, Zurich,
Beers Contemporary, London,
Béatrice Brunner, Bern,
GG Galerie für Gegenwartskunst Elfi Bohrer, Bonstetten,
Werner Bommer, Zurich,
Brouwer Edition, Berlin,
Carzaniga, Basle,
Sylva Denzler, Zurich,
Horst Dietrich, Berlin,
Robert Drees, Hanover,
DS Gallery, Saint-Petersburg,
Edition VFO, Zürich,
Expo Gallery, Seoul,
Silvan Faessler Fine Art, Zug,
Feurstein, Feldkirch,
Galerie des 20. Jahrhunderts, Basle,
Gmurzynska, Zurich,
Graff Mourgue D'Algue, Geneva,
Greulich, Frankfurt am Main,
Haas AG Zürich, Zurich,
Hauser, Zurich,
Jörg Heitsch Gallery, Munich,
Hilfiker Kunstprojekte, Lucerne,
Heinz Holtmann, Cologne - Rheinauhafen,
Idea Fixa, Basle,
Laleh June, Basle,
Walter Keller, Zurich,
Bernhard Knaus Fine Art, Frankfurt am Main,
Lausberg Contemporary, Düsseldorf,
Anton Meier, Geneva,
message salon, Zurich,
Multipleart, Zollikon,
Nomadenschaetze, Zurich,
Georg Nothelfer, Berlin,
Obrist GAM, Essen,
pack of patches, Jena,
Python Gallery, Erlenbach,
Carla Renggli, Zug,
Rigassi, Bern,
Rosenberg, Zurich,
Rothschild Fine Art, Tel Aviv,
Pinakothek der Moderne - Barbara Ruetz, München,
sam scherrer contemporary, Zurich,
Alex Schlesinger, Zurich,
Hubert Schwarz, Greifswald,
Florian Trampler, Munich,
Vertes Modern, Zurich,
von Braunbehrens, Munich,
von Fraunberg, Düsseldorf,
Barbara von Stechow, Frankfurt am Main,
Fabian & Claude Walter, Zurich,
Wenger, Zurich,
Monika Wertheimer, Oberwil,
Wesner, Konstanz,
Tony Wuethrich, Basel,
Younique, Paris,