Saturday, December 17, 2016

pseudoscienza SURPRISE EDITION - art magazin release

SURPRISE EDITION - art magazine release
Vernissage: 16.12.2016, 19-22 h
Exhibition: 17.12.2016 - 1.1.2017
Location: Jan Arnold Gallery
MQ - Electric Avenue, Museumsplatz 1, A-1070 Vienna

Pseudoscienza – art magazine is a yearly publication whose aim is towards creating new exciting topics. Artists and authors are invited to send in their artworks and/or texts to be published in print medium through the concept of a double page – spread as a layout art. Most artists accept this challenge with simple joy, as we relish this art of creative pressure, which is helping us to thrive and develop a creative mindset. The choice of print instead of online medium, however, relies on the factor that the print remains to be one of the longest lasting mediums, even to this day, which is very well known to all artists.
This, 3rd issue of pseudoscienza - art magazine is about surprises. It investigates the surprise factor in the era of oversaturated media feeds and general consumerism – from terrorist attacks, political populism, conspiracy and emotional pornography to our intimate and personal surprise factor, which artists would like to cherish un-condemned from the daily hysteria and share it with the public in the most authentic way.
The surprise edition is not intended to be shocking in a visual sense; the true horror or the beauty is mostly hidden under the context of what is conspicuous or easily accessible. The concept of gathering artworks digitally deals with each artist‘s desires and visions. Chatting, observing, modifying and assembling the works together was an important part of the process of making and shaping this new book.

Artist Index
thora gerstner
gert resinger
max freund
angela karpouzi
joseph rudolf
ian pyper
nina ansar
antonio semeraro
peter phobia
karim elseroui
riccardo gabriel
andre de vasconcelos
dobroslav houbenov
anne sophie wass
thomas havlik
zhanina s. marinova
rica fuentes martinez
žarko aleksic
benjamin nachtigall
bomi ahn
jelena micic
lara erel
claire paugam
nicolas dellamartina
andreas nader
chris dennis
ignacio galilea
moritz jaeger
philipp renda
vera klimentyeva
kirill bondarenko
paul riedmüller
united queendoms
offerus ablinger & jasmin hagendorfer
catalina codreanu
simon goritschnig
olivier hölzl
rudi rapf
katharina kawalle
karl kilian