Saturday, September 4, 2010

Berlin Openings September 3rd, 2010

After a couple of quiet weeks, the Berlin art world raised it's ugly head for a slew of openings tonight. I managed to catch a small fraction, see below:

Natascha Stellmach @ Wagner + Partner

Paul Hammer @ Jette Rudolph

Liv Mette Larsen @ Galerie Kai Hilgemann

Antonio Santin @ Wilde Gallery. This was probably the highlight for the level of pure visual interest.

Antonio Santin @ Wilde Gallery (detail).

(Saw this guy staring at me from his bedroom window. I think he wanted to come and hangout with the loud-talkers and drink bad wine).

Tanja Selzer @ two windows project

Klaas Boch @ two windows project

Anna Kott @ Alexander Ochs

Sabine Banovic @ Jarmuschek + partner

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