Monday, January 10, 2011

Chris Dennis - d e t r i t u s @ Coup d'oeil in New Orleans.

Struggling with the nightmare of stuffing paintings into a case and trying not to forget anything. Leaving the gorgeous New Zealand Summer and heading towards Louisana Ice storms for my second solo show in New Orleans at Coup d'oeil Art Consortium. I'm looking forward to being back and a couple of days of eating (and shopping) in San Francisco on the way home.

Press release is below:

Chris Dennis: d e t r i t u s

January 15th - February 5th 2011.

Coup d’oeil Art Consortium. 2033 Magazine Street, New Orleans, LA 70130.

Phone: 504 722 0876


Coup is pleased to herald the start of a new year with d e t r i t u s : paintings by Chris Dennis. After spending the last year in Berlin and Auckland, Chris returns to New Orleans for his second solo show at the gallery. He describes this new collection of carefully obfuscated narratives as "unapologetically small". These new, intimately-sized, mixed media paintings where surface is sometimes the initial subject, seamlessly incorporate a variety of found materials and alternative media.

Beneath the surface, Chris continues to direct his now recognizable Therianthropic figures (often possessing the head of a fish or a bird) in landscapes and settings where the depiction of the external hints at the internal. Bad jokes, confessions, memories, and untruths are scattered (sometimes buried), offering clues to the stories within. The show runs from January 15 through February 5, 2011.

Please join us for the opening reception on Saturday, Jan. 15 from 6-9pm.

Chris will also be at the gallery on Sun. Jan. 16 from 1-5pm.

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