Friday, May 9, 2014

Alëxone - Cornelius Spaziergang at Kolly Gallery, Zürich

From the Press Release:

alëxone cornelius spaziergang

It has already been a few years since Alëxone created a great mural for a mandate as part of the Artyou event in Basel. Always following his lyric inspiration and his fascination for bright colors he decided to paint the people and the animals which passed most before his eyes. As a result, a rich diversity of animals appeared such as horses, dogs, elephants or even a margay.

This composition resulted in Cornelius, a splendidly groomed pink poodle who since then, wanders around the artist's creations: in his murals and in his paintings. Some say they even saw the dog tatooed on an arm. Within this exhibition, Cornelius' bronze version will be presented to the public in order that the animal may continue his strolling along in Alëxone's fantastic universe. 


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