Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The EAF and Art Union Group Shows - Berlin 22.04.2017

Ahead of Berlin Gallery Weekend, 2 high profile events (if you judge by the poster and social media campaigns) opened on Saturday and side-step the gallery system.

The EAF (enter art foundation) 30 Artists Exhibition.
Anton Unai
Anton Unai
Ben Gavin
Francisco Cintolesi
Artur Van Balen
Roey Heifetz
Roey Heifetz (detail).
Denesh Ghyczy
The Art Union is  presents the second edition of WHAT THE WEEKEND IS GALLERY - a group exhibition featuring artworks by 80 Berlin based artists at Alte Münze in Berlin-Mitte. 

Danny Gretscher
Moritz Neuhoff
Mario Mankey
Danny Gretscher
Tamim Sabai
Dave the Chimp

Anna Taut

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