Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Henning Strassburger. Kenny. Blain Southern. Berlin. Jan 2019

Press Release: Blain|Southern presents new paintings and works on paper by Henning Strassburger (b.1983 Meissen, Germany) for his first exhibition with the gallery. 
Strassburger’s latest series of works can be seen as the continuation of two earlier series, Pool and Jane, with the use of splashes, the grid, and the subtle accentuation of the painting's edge reappearing. In all three series, he draws references from pop-cultural semantics, where the deliberate adoption of an English word, over the native tongue, loads it with associative meaning. 
The title of his new exhibition 'Kenny', refers to the artist’s recurring experience when ordering coffee at Starbucks in the US. ‘Henning’ is consistently misheard as ‘Kenny’, raising questions around the artist’s identity. ‘Kenny is me, but of course he isn’t’ he says, ‘I am a sort of split persona. This is of great interest and fascination to me… Kenny also stands for an aspect of pop culture, bringing to mind Kenny from South Park, or Kenny Rogers.’
 blain southern

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