Sunday, February 5, 2023

Gallery Nostrum, (BE). bodies: noun / verb. Vernissage 14, 01, 2023.

bodies: noun / verb.


plural noun: bodies.

The physical structure, including the bones, flesh, and organs, of a person or an animal.


3rd person present: bodies

To give material form to something abstract.

January 14 – February 18, 2023.

The work of Inge Dompas (BE) is about the transiency and volatility of life.

The transient figures she observes depict the anonymity of the masses as well as the rare and precious moments of true contact and intimacy.

Caroline Ledoux’s (BE) current focus is our impossibility as a species to exist in the world. Deserted landscapes peopled only with silhouettes, buildings or armchairs serve as fossils of our existence. Her work places us on the threshold of a self-regulating world that chooses to continue without man.

The photographs of Charles Lemaire (BE) concentrate on the human body and skin (tattoos, scars, body modifications, aging). With these works, the focus is intensified to the point where the flesh becomes a landscape and the marks of human inhabitants and interaction are clear.

The film director Antoine Vans (BE) uses painting as an antidote to some of the lighter aspects of his “other profession”. His canvases embody the frustrations he would otherwise be unable to capture and express.

In describing some of the pieces included in this show, Ehrling White (Ca/US) paraphrased a text by David Hinton. That there is a bridge linking the body itself and the act of art-making. The corporeal form that creates, or lives, and sheds its skin. The leaving it behind, is a natural process. Maybe art making, being very human and laden with history, thoughts, afterthoughts, and second thoughts, is a neurotic attempt to calcify some fraction of it all, give it a body, like a fossil, for others to make of what they wish, or not, long after we’ve moved on.


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