Friday, December 4, 2020

GOOD, I'm Still Here!

After visiting a particularly underwhelming Olafur Eliasson show at Tate Modern last year, I started questioning the point of these posts. Who were they for? Why was I bothering? Was I getting anything out of it? I didn't have any answers, 
- so I stopped.

One thing I do want to tell you about (if anyone is out there), is this (see below). Because it's a GOOD show, at a GOOD place, for a GOOD cause.


(from site):

The auction ends on Saturday 12th December at 20h CET (8pm Berlin time). Please note that this is a slow auction, meaning that bids should be placed early. More info on our BID HERE page. The exhibition space will be open for viewing works on Wednesdays between 15h - 20h.

We had planned this auction for April 2020 to raise money for Fridays for Future. Sadly we had to cancel that auction due to the Coronavirus lockdown. Under the current circumstances we find ourselves also in need of support, so we have decided to proceed with the auction, now forwarding 25% of proceeds to Fridays for Future immediately on receipt of money. The rest will be kept in a fund to support Das Gift and Das Giftraum through Coronavirus. This will help us to continue providing local artists with Das Giftraum as a free space to use, and to support local musicians and all of our lovely regulars with Das Gift. When we feel that we are safely through, all unused funds will be donated to FfF. Greta Thunberg is an amazing person. We’ve known about the climate emergency for decades and yet have done very little about it. Moving to a sustainable, green and fair society is really essential so let’s support the kids who are taking on that battle with intelligence and bravery.

We would like to extend a special thanks to all of the artists involved for donating their artwork. Thanks also to photographer Leonard Drorian for documenting the works.

Friday, September 13, 2019

Entwurzelt / Uprooted. Green Hill Gallery. Berlin.

 Vernissage September 7, 2019.

Entwurzelt / Uprooted: Kunst zwischen Migration, Heimat und Natur.
Green Hill Gallery
Gruppen Ausstellung.
07.09. - 15.11.2019

(from the press release).
(en) Kulturschöpfer presents 17 international artists who have dealt with the themes of migration, homeland and nature:  

The issue of migration is omnipresent today. Thus the question of home or the concept of home is not far away. Many people have to find a new home, be it for humanitarian, economic or climatic reasons. But even people who are not directly affected by migration feel increasingly uprooted, especially in the cities. What is home like? And what role does nature play in this?

(de) Kulturschöpfer präsentiert 17 internationale Künstler, die sich mit den Themen Migration, Heimat und Natur auseinandergesetzt haben: 

Das Thema Migration ist heute omnipräsent. Dadurch ist die Frage nach Heimat oder dem Begriff Heimat auch nicht fern. Viele Menschen müssen eine neue Heimat finden, sei es aus humanitären, wirtschaftlichen oder klimatischen Gründen. Aber auch Menschen, die nicht direkt von Migration betroffen sind, fühlen sich, besonders in den Städten, zunehmend entwurzelt. Was macht Heimat aus? Und welche Rolle spielt die Natur dabei? 

Frank Hemjeoltmanns (Deutschland)

Michael Gatzke - detail (Deutschland)
Frankie Gao (China)

Zoran Georgiev (Bulgarien)
Zoran Georgiev (Bulgarien)
Nadia Petrovic - detail (Kanada)
Curator, Therese Berg (centre).
Curator, Therese Berg (right).

Rubab Paracha (Pakistan)
Rubab Paracha (Pakistan)

Participating Artists:
Eduard Bischoff (Deutschland), Chris Dennis (UK), Frankie Gao (China), Michael Gatzke (Deutschland) Zoran Georgiev (Bulgarien), Frank Hemjeoltmanns (Deutschland), Ahmad Karno (Syrien), Veronika Kranzpiller (Deutschland), Ala Leresteux (Litauen), Chris Palm (USA), Rubab Paracha (Pakistan), Selin Le Bagousse (Türkei), Nadia Petrovic (Kanada), Trygve Skogrand (Norwegen), Karinka Szabo-Detchart (Frankreich), Sophia Weisstub (Israel), Mansoureh Yekta (Iran).


Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Lange Nacht der "Studios-ID"

Studios ID played a central role in this year's Lange Nacht der Bilder.
Over 60 artists opened their studios to the public and a group exhibition: FREIHEIT_ID! hung around the formally inaccessable 'Copper room',  was transformed into an artist's lounge and officially opened by the Mayor of Lichtenberg.
Bus tours, guided tours, artist talks, music, drinks, BBQ, Chilean food by La Picá de Deli Mel all made for an eventful evening.

Official website:


Participating artists included:
Michael Adam
Juana Anzellini
Paul Beanti
Mariona Berenguer
Emily Bland
Maxim Brandt
Arild Brock
California Design Keramik
Teresa Casanueva
Zabo Chabiland
Wu Chi-Tsung
Luca Cuozzo
Simeon Decker
Chris Dennis
Dogan Dogan
Monika Duhme
Ute Essig
Minna Etein
Sara Ferrer
Elke Henrika Fischer
Michael Gerth
Gidi Gilam
Dagna Gmitrowicz
Adam Goldstein
Pablo Griss
Jessica Grossmann
Caroline Gutlé
Dirk-Martin Heinzelmann
Jens Heller
Stefanie Kabitzke
Ann Kiernan
Christoph Ketel
Susanne Knaack
Lea & Adrian
Miriam Lenk
Ronny Lichtenberg
Sandrine Mahéo
Doris Marten
Miguel Martínez
Alexander Minor
Lars Möller
Jason Morrow
Henrik U. Müller
Ryo Nakamura
Marie-Charlotte Nouza
Libby Page
Alice Rajasombat
Mathias Roloff
Noah Ryu
Walter Santoni
Gunter Schöne
Julia Schramm
Michi Schneider
Licho Schwartz
Thilo Staudt
Tijana Titin
Daniela von Waberer
Alexander Wagner
Aidan Wallace
Sascha Walmroth
Anne Wundrak
H. H. Zwanzig

Pablo Griss
Wu Chi-Tsung
Wu Chi-Tsung
Wu Chi-Tsung
Florian Breetzke
Florian Breetzke
Marie-Charlotte Nouza
Chris Dennis
Chris Dennis

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Studios ID @ RZ Potsdam

Studios ID zu Gast im Rechenzentrum : brAndenburg beRlin inTernational
Vernissage. May 3, 2019.
Rechenzentrum Potsdam.
Mathias Roloff
Lea & Adrian (L), Chris Dennis (R)
Chris Dennis (L), Lea & Adrian (C), Chris Dennis (R)
Lea & Adrian
Chris Dennis (C), Marie-Charlotte Nouza (R)
Chris Dennis (L)
Chris Dennis
History of Studios ID
The Intelligence Department Studios are located in former buildings of the operating-technical sector of the
GDR in Berlin Alt-Hohenschönhausen. Built in 1985 within the restricted area by the Ministry of State
Security, they were used to develop, manufacture and maintain any spyware, including interception and
surveillance equipment, cameras and stealth equipment.
Today, about 270 people work here as a creative and heterogeneous tenant community for international
artists, designers, photographers, architects and sculptors.
Exhibition in the “Rechenzentrum” or, data center
Seven artists from Studios ID are now presenting their work as guests of the Rechenzentrum Potsdam as part
of the group exhibition "brAndenburg beRlin inTernational.
Adalbert Fahrenhorst - as a representative of the Rechenzentrum Potsdam - got to know Berlin's largest
studio community during the “Lange Nacht der Bilder” Long Night of Pictures Lichtenberg 2018 and saw
similarities in the architecture of the buildings of the Studio ID and the Rechenzentrum as well as in their use.
He encouraged a mutual exchange and together we developed a concept for the realisation of a guest
exhibition here in Potsdam. It is planned to continue and expand the partnership in the future.

Jessica Grossmann (L), Chris Dennis (R)
Michael Adam
Jessica Grossmann

Chris Dennis (L), Marie-Charlotte Nouza (R)
Beth Braun (L), Jessica Grossmann (R)
Chris Dennis (L), Jessica Grossmann (C), Beth Braun (R)
Michael Adam
Michael Adam (L), Beth Braun (C), (R).
Marie-Charlotte Nouza (L), Mathias Roloff (R)
Chris Dennis (L)
Participating Artists (from L - R): Marie-Charlotte Nouza (FR), Beth Braun (UK), Chris Dennis (UK), Michael Adam (DE), Lea & Adrian (DE/CH), Mathias Roloff (DE), Jessica Grossmann* (DE) *not pictured.

Jessica Grossmann (L), Chris Dennis (R)
Jessica Grossman

Jessica Grossmann (L), Chris Dennis (R)
Marie-Charlotte Nouza (L), Mathias Roloff (R)
Marie-Charlotte Nouza (L), Mathias Roloff (R)
Mathias Roloff
Mathias Roloff (L), Chris Dennis (R)
Chris Dennis (L), Mathias Roloff (C), Chris Dennis (R)
Lea & Adrian (L), Mathias Roloff (C)
Lea & Adrian
Lea & Adrian (R)

Open Studio Day: 05.05 11am – 6pm.
Opening Times: 04.05 – 26.05.2019
Wed: 2pm – 5pm
Sat: 2pm – 6pm

RZ. Rechenzentrum Dortustraße 46, 14467 Potsdam.
Studios ID, Genslerstraße 13, 13055 Hohenschönhausen, Berlin.