Saturday, September 4, 2010

Direktorenhaus & 9 Doors

After a long night of gallery hopping I ended up at Direktorenhaus to check out their show plus a 1 night only event called 9 Doors .

Olaf Hajek.

'Team Fucking Brilliant' brings you a feast of experience. Set in the old corridors of the former Mint, TFB presents 9 closed rooms to be experienced and have experiences within.

ANTOINE CAPEYRON (Bordeaux, France), Designer and art-collector.

KATHERINE CANNON (London, England),Architect who dreams up buildings that can't be built.

TAMSIN ROSS VAN LESSEN (London, England), Photographer.

ROSS WALKER (Farnham, England),Painter of structures and failure.

EUTECHNIK (Dublin, Ireland), Audio-artist - sound-design & programming.

PHIL (Essex, England), Owner of a free ticket to do what ever he likes.

NIKLAS FISCHER (Berlin), Filmic soundscapes.

DYLAN BAKKER (Wellington, New Zealand), Selfish reverberations.

NAPHTA (Band from Berlin), Colourful indie-electro-brass-band.

CRYSTAL AMPS (Band from Berlin & England): The sound of the most peculiar hangover.

SPECIAL GUEST (?), Very special guest with extremely rare and unusual abilities.

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