Thursday, September 30, 2010

In Summary... this is my last night in Berlin. It's late, I'm tired and I've had a sniff of the brewer's apron so I'm not expecting much. But, I think I should try and capture some kind of parting thought no matter how addled. I've been here 3 months. I came here with very little expectation (maybe a few preconceptions). I saw a lot of art, I didn't see much great art or even better art (with exceptions) that I couldn't have seen anywhere else. The residency enabled me to meet some great people who do really good and interesting work. It also,... (well maybe I'm not that drunk).
I tried to balance getting the most out of the city with producing my own work, and in that respect I think I did ok. I wanted to keep the images I produced fragmented, a response to my time here and whatever I was thinking about, seeing or doing. The pieces I produced had to be smaller, quicker, abbreviated. As a collection they might appear all over the place, that makes sense. But I think the same themes and commonalities are there if you choose to look for them. I didn't intend or expect to show outside of the residency but when I got a couple of shows that changed my approach and seemed to hobble my direction..... I feel myself disintegrating into waffle so I'll end here, for now. Tomorrow Amsterdam and then home, to Auckland.

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