Monday, June 6, 2011

Tarred & Feathered ?

Our First Announcement

tar and feather
1. To punish (a person) by covering with tar and feathers.
2. To criticize severely and devastatingly; excoriate.

From the 4th to the 7th of August 2011, some of the best galleries in Australia and New Zealand will host some of the freshest and most exciting artists as part of Auckland Art Fair, New Zealand's premier contemporary art event.

Not everyone will be there...

Running in tandem with Auckland Art Fair, a selection of artists not represented at the fair will be showing their work in nearby pop-up galleries. One such gallery will be Tarred & Feathered.

To be tarred and feathered was an unofficially sanctioned form of public display. It was designed as a punishment and to force the subject to change their ways or run them out of town.

In August 2011 we hope that won't be the case...

        'This show is not intended as a criticism of Auckland Art Fair. To the contrary, we see it as an opportunity to give art patrons an expanded view of an art scene. During this time the spotlight will be firmly cast upon the Viaduct Events Centre; this is just our attempt to take advantage of some of that light and heat'.


The Organisers.




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