Monday, October 28, 2013

Dunja Evers - 5 @ Semina Rerum, Zürich. 26.10.2013

The gallery, Semina Rerum (seeds of things) is on on the first floor of what would appear at first glance to be a private residence, close to the Kunsthaus. With the minimum of signage, this is not a space you would stumble upon and it cerainly isn't screaming for you to enter. 

That being said, once inside, the space feels warm, intimate and surprisingly inviting. Dunja Evers' work, for her show titled: 5, sat particularly well in the space on this bright Autumn afternoon. I couldn't read the press release in German, but the pieces struck me as a seamless marriage between painting and photography and the results were especially effecting.

Semina Rerum. Dunja Evers.

Semina Rerum. Dunja Evers.

Semina Rerum. Dunja Evers.
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Semina Rerum
Dunja Evers

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