Thursday, October 17, 2013

Lapuneet: Proposon @ Kunst Raum R57

Considering the wealth of galleries and the level of interest in art I'm surprised I haven't found a comprehensive database of galleries/openings/artists in Zürich similar to other cities I've lived in, such as San Francisco, New Orleans, Berlin and Auckland. 
Swiss Art is the closest I've found, but it is not a patch on something like Auckland's Arts Diary. Maybe there is the perfect site, but being a uni-lingual idiot, I'm just not aware of it, yet.

That being said, an ad preceding Sunday's showing of Francis Ha at the Kino Riff Raff led me to Kunst Raum R57 and the opening for Proposon by Lapuneet (or maybe Anna Wiget?). The space was intimate without feeling restrictive and filled with some very interesting work. I particularly liked a suite of 12 mixed media works on paper, collectively titled: The naked & the Crow.

Lapuneet. o T. R57

Lapuneet. The Naked and the Crow. R57

Lapuneet. The Toad and the Code. R57
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