Saturday, August 30, 2014

Raphael Reichert @ The Kunst Grill - Zürich. 28.8.2014

 The Kunstgrill (“Art Grill“) is a project to support Artists in Zürich. It is a nonprofit partnership between the restaurant Iroquois, Martin Jedlitschka of the Jedlitschka Gallery and the art historian Dr. Mark Staff Brandl  and offers young artists a platform for exhibitions and the chance to show their art to a wider public. 
The Kunst Grill began in Zurich's Seefeld in December 2013 and was the former "Iro-grill," of the restaurant Iroquois. Cervelats and curry sausages used to sizzle on the grill, but now young artists provide the smoke and sizzle and serve up a new platform for visual arts, performances, video and film, photography, design, sculpture and installations.
 (Translated form the press text).

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