Saturday, November 1, 2014

My Sparring Partner: Anna Steele

As part of the upcoming group show at Jedlitschka Gallery in Zürich I was asked to select an artist to show alongside me, as my 'sparring-partner'. 

Chris Dennis. I said I paint the same things again and again because I think about the same things again and again.

I first met Anna in 2010, in Berlin, where we both participated in the same Artist Residency
Born in Brisbane, Australia and primarily a painter, she has also worked with photography and installation. After completing the residency, Anna decided to make Berlin her home but returns to Melbourne regularly.  

Anna Steele. The Bounded Is Loathed By It's Possessor

I have not spoken to Anna about the starting point or 'stories' behind her work. In my ignorance and corrupted by my own painting, it is hard for me not to impose some form of autobiography onto the images. Frequently solitary, isolated figures (in this case predominantly female, appear lost, floating or falling, within barren or empty landscapes.

It will be obvious to anyone that is familiar with my own work why I would be so drawn to Anna's painting. It will be great to see her again and share the wall with her.
Anna Steele. Berlin Angels

See more of Anna's work HERE.   

VERNISSAGE:  NOV. 7. 2014. 17.00 -20.00 INFO
Seefeldstrasse 52 8008 Zürich

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