Sunday, June 21, 2015

LISTE Art Fair, Basel 2015.

It was certainly not the case for everything, but  a lot of what I saw presented at LISTE this year, bordered on the insufferable. The dramatic venue, which probably makes a stronger statement that a lot of the work within, does not always seem well suited to displaying work in this way, especially when combined with large crowds and warm weather. But the place was packed and when the new crop of curators and artists are through comparing their incongruously paired outfits and ironically coloured trainers, this is where they will be selecting a lot of what will be winning prizes and filling the Kunsthalles and museums for years to come.

The Breeder. Jannis Varelas
Breeder. Vanessa Safavi (top r)

EXILE. Martin Kohout
Truth and Consequences. Pentti Monkkonen

Monitor. Duane Zaloudek
Essex Street
Essex Street
Lydia Gifford
Raster Gallery. Aneta Grzeszykowska
Bolte Lang. Athene Galiciadis and Benjamin Senior
Bolte Lang. Athene Galiciadis and Benjamin Senior
Dawid Radziszewski. Tomasz Kowalski
Dawid Radziszewski
Instituto de Vision Bogota
KOW Berlin. Chris Martin (not that one)

LISTE 2015
LISTE 2015
Maisterravalbuena - Madrid. Dan Shaw Town - Living in the End Times 2015
 This painting by Dan Shaw-Town was a highlight. It reads, "the noble struggle for justice and freedom turns out to be little more than a craving for bananas and pornography".
Bugada and Cargnel. Claire Tabouret

High Art - Paris
High Art - Paris
High Art - Paris
Real Fine Arts. Whitney Claflin
Real Fine Arts. Whitney Claflin
Real Fine Arts. Whitney Claflin
Ancient and Modern. Fabio Marco Pirovino
Hopkinson Mossman. Milli Jannides
Crevecouer  - Paris
Crevecouer - Paris
Catching the big fish
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