Friday, April 15, 2016

Paris Galleries, April 2016. Part 2.

A brief survey of Paris galleries (mainly around the 3rd and 4th arrondissements), selected largely on the criteria that, a). I could find them, and b). they let me in.

A Good resource is GALERIES MODE D'EMPLOI. 

 Galerie Mitterrand. Rob Wynne. A Distant Mirror.

Galerie Hussenot. T Kelly Mason. The Longer I chase this cloud the more I think I know about it.

Galerie Eva Meyer. Unidentified Line (Group Show)

Severine Hubard
Coraline De Chiara
Nicolas Boulard
 Lily Robert Galerie. Julien Beneyton. Human Comedie.

Bendana Pinel - Art Contemporain. Florencia Rodriguez Giles. 47th SHOW - Strabisme Interne.

 Xippas Galleries - Paris. Mathis Gasser. 

Worth a quote from the curator, Manuella Denogent: "Mathis Gasser is essentially a painter, above all else, who also practices video and performance. His prolific pictorial production is based nevertheless on standard canvas formats (80 cm high by 50 to 50 cm large) and a relatively neutral element– he paints with acrylics and oils– and doesn’t aim to create, in his works, pictorial virtuosity". 

 VNH Gallery. Friedrich Kunath. My Loneliness Shines.


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