Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Forest Fascination - Forum Würth Rorschach

Press release: In the new show Forest Fascination, Forum Würth Rorschach addresses the multifarious art-historical aspects of the awareness of nature and forests. The range goes from the antiquity-inspired place of yearning of the "Holy Germanic Grove", serving as a fictitious myth of origin of the German culture and counter-piece of a materialistic present in the late 19th century, to forest romanticism to ideas of the forest as a dark place where outsiders lived in the pre-industrial society. This has become established in German fairy tales, for example. The conception of the city park, which owed to what Baudelaire termed modernité, is taken account of in the exhibition, as is the transformed forest in Surrealism.
Georg Baselitz.

Anselm Kiefer.
David Hockney

Encompassing about 80 works from the Würth Collection. The exhibition invites visitors to enjoy a stroll through the incessantly changing attitudes of artists to the myth of the forest. Artists included: Max Ackermann, Armando, Donald Baechler, Stephan Balkenhol, Georg Baselitz, PhilippBauknecht, Paul Baum, Max Beckmann,Herbert Brandl,Christo und/and Jeanne-Claude, Lovis Corinth, Gunter Damisch, Richard Deacon, Oliver Dorfer, Hans am Ende, Max Ernst, Günter Grass, Alfred Haberpointner, Antonius Höckelmann, David Hockney, Alfred Hrdlicka, Max Kaminski, Alex Katz, Anselm Kiefer, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, František Kupka, Max Liebermann, Robert Longo, Markus Lüpertz, André Masson, David Nash, Camille Pissarro, Alexis Rockman, Christian Rohlfs, Alexander Rothaug, Hermann Scherer, Bernard Schultze, Alfred Sisley, Stefan Soravia, Gabi Streile, Norbert Tadeusz, Günther Uecker, Ben Willikens, Lambert Maria Wintersberger, Bill Woodrow, Terezka Zimmer.

Antonius Höckelmann.
Gunter Damisch.
Max Ernst

Andre Masson.

Christian Rohlfs.
Paula Modersohn Becker.

Robert Longo.

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