Sunday, November 27, 2016

EUROPA at St. Agnes, Berlin. 26.11.2016

Press Release:The EUROPA Light Installation is a joint project of morePlatz, St. Agnes and Deutsches Architektur Zentrum DAZ: The opening of the installation will take place on 26th of November @ ST. AGNES, Alexandrinenstr.118-121, 6 P.M. 
Curator and writer Lukas Feireiss will hold the opening speech.

For a long time the European project was considered an obvious development that generated benefits for all parties concerned. The succession of serious crises that move the continent for a decade, endangers this project for the first time seriously. The Brexit could weaken the entire alliance sustainably.

The current situation is so loaded with problems that a positive sign appears necessary. Europe lacks visibility, public presence and positive feedback.

The continuity and stability of the European idea are existentially, especially during this difficult period of time.

This is the background for a light installation on the facade of
ST. AGNES in Kreuzberg, which opposes the lack of visibility and presence with a statement for Europe. The project of morePlatz proposes to install the letters EUROPA of 33 fluorescent tubes on the eastern facade of St.Agnes. The installation should shine in autumn 2016 for half a year, and subsequently may be moved to other locations.

The building of the former church is ST. AGNES - home of K├ľNIG GALERIE - with its bold appearance is part of the installation, quasi as a witness and support the idea of Europe.

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