Friday, December 4, 2020

GOOD, I'm Still Here!

After visiting a particularly underwhelming Olafur Eliasson show at Tate Modern last year, I started questioning the point of these posts. Who were they for? Why was I bothering? Was I getting anything out of it? I didn't have any answers, 
- so I stopped.

One thing I do want to tell you about (if anyone is out there), is this (see below). Because it's a GOOD show, at a GOOD place, for a GOOD cause.


(from site):

The auction ends on Saturday 12th December at 20h CET (8pm Berlin time). Please note that this is a slow auction, meaning that bids should be placed early. More info on our BID HERE page. The exhibition space will be open for viewing works on Wednesdays between 15h - 20h.

We had planned this auction for April 2020 to raise money for Fridays for Future. Sadly we had to cancel that auction due to the Coronavirus lockdown. Under the current circumstances we find ourselves also in need of support, so we have decided to proceed with the auction, now forwarding 25% of proceeds to Fridays for Future immediately on receipt of money. The rest will be kept in a fund to support Das Gift and Das Giftraum through Coronavirus. This will help us to continue providing local artists with Das Giftraum as a free space to use, and to support local musicians and all of our lovely regulars with Das Gift. When we feel that we are safely through, all unused funds will be donated to FfF. Greta Thunberg is an amazing person. We’ve known about the climate emergency for decades and yet have done very little about it. Moving to a sustainable, green and fair society is really essential so let’s support the kids who are taking on that battle with intelligence and bravery.

We would like to extend a special thanks to all of the artists involved for donating their artwork. Thanks also to photographer Leonard Drorian for documenting the works.

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