Monday, May 22, 2023

S.C.U.M. Gallery Nostrum. Vernissage, May 20th

Gallery Nostrum presents, S.C.U.M.

An international exhibition of female and female-identifying, analogue, collage artists.

May 20th – June 18th 2023.

In 1967, Valerie Solanas published the SCUM Manifesto (the Society for Cutting Up Men).
In 1968, she was charged with the shooting and attempted murder of Andy Warhol.

This exhibition is not about that.

There is a rich history of collage, decoupage and assemblage in Belgium and S.C.U.M (Selecting and Cutting UP Magazines) will bring to Wavre (BE), analogue collage artists from all over the world.
Previous group exhibitions at Gallery Nostrum have been carefully selected and for such a small area, generously spaced.
S.C.U.M will pack the gallery, with dozens of works.

Unable to maintain a polite distance, they will jostle for space, chatter amongst themselves and vie for attention; transforming the gallery into a collective collage of some of the best examples of contemporary analogue collage.

Participating artists: HP Heinz (UK), Michelle Granville (IE), Charlotte Callens (BE), Tetiana Dudka (UA), Ottavia Marchiori(IT), Ruxandra Niculae (RO), Mariángela Abbruzzese (VE), Olga Gvindzhyliya (PT), Delinconnue (RO), Mallie Hellström(DE), Yuliia Lukianova (UA), Zuza Rozanska (DE), Paris Triantafilou (US), Sophie Fourneau (BE), Vira Dutchyn (UA), Karin Vyncke (BE), Christel Marchal (BE), Jessica Russo Scherr (US).

Gallery Nostrum
Rue. Florimond Letroye 13, bte 25.1300, Wavre (BE)   

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