Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Gerhard Richter: Panorama, TATE Modern.

 A couple of snaps from the Gerhard Richter show, Panorama at Tate Modern. The 'intriguing' angles are because you weren't allowed to take photos and I'm not that sneaky.

During and in the days since, I'm aware of just how much I preferred Gerhard Richter - Forty Years of Painting at SFMOMA in 2002. It is the first time I have seen two different survey shows by the same artist. There were certainly a couple of notable omissions at the Tate and I believe (but could be wrong) the 2002 show had more works (140).  For me, this was my first obvious illustration of the role/skill/influence of the curator.

Gerhard Richter - Forty Years of Painting, SFMOMA.

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