Monday, June 13, 2016

Galerie Bob Van Orsouw and Partner - Zürich.

Boys’ Toys & Girls’ Pearls - Group Show. 27May - 15th October
William Tucker
Julian Opie

Press Release: 
Galerie Bob van Orsouw & Partner is re-opening with aplomb: a new partnership, a fresh concept.
Yesterday’s ideas about what is art and what is craft, about the old and the new, the sacred and the profane have been questioned. The gallery is re-emerging in an air of hospitality and inspired pastime. It is newly hosting 2000 years of rare artworks, designs and collectibles, juxtaposed for interplay within a space also dedicated to slow thought, sensual reflection, happiness and beauty.
Doors are opening with a first show called “Boys’ Toys & Girls’ Pearls“. The works featured are standing out as much for their origins and rarity as for the way they interact. You’ll find a wealth of associations and overlapping contexts amongst sculptures by Richard Serra, William Tucker and Urs B. Roth, Renaissance Madonnas, textile art and historic as well as contemporary treasures.
„When did we last enter a gallery and were stunned by joy?“ was the central question driving the new business partners Bob van Orsouw and Bigna Pfenninger, former publisher of the London-based arts and literature quarterly The Drawbridge. And in response, they are offering a space that is inviting you to marvel and draw new boundaries between the traditional and the progressive, between colour, shape, design, art and textiles.

Philip Akkerman
Richard Serra (L)
Urs B Roth (R)

Gabriele da Castelnuovo: Madonna con il bambino ca1500

Galerie Bob Van Orsouw & Partner

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